Where Do You Go to Breathe?

I go to the ocean to find beauty. Everywhere I look here on the Big Island of Hawaii, crystal blue green waters lap against peppery sand and lava rock. Green turtles bob in the surf. Spinner dolphins play in the waves. Rainbows of hibiscus and tropical flowers line the beaches. Palm trees sway over head.

I go to the ocean to find peace. From the noise in my head—from the demands of my world. The people that rely on me in our business. The work that must be done. The book that needs to be edited and written. The aging parent who is changing before my eyes. The children I worry about. The future of our world.

I go to the ocean to find balance. To know I will never get it all done. So relax, play, and enjoy the journey. I am so small in the scheme of things. And I find solace in the knowing that there is something bigger taking care of it all. I need only to find the joy in it. To know all is well. That everything is working out for me.

I go to the ocean to breathe. It’s the only place I truly catch my breath. With my feet in the surf, toes in the sand, and sun on my face, I savor the salty breeze. It restores my soul. I find myself. And I am able to go back to the mainland and resume my life.  Until we meet again.

My trip to Hawaii this time was all of these things and so much more. The trips to the ocean were daily. The relief in my heart and soul immense.

My question for you: Where do you go to breathe?

– Mary

PS: Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to the Islands. Mahalo my friends.





Mary Keliikoa

2 thoughts on “Where Do You Go to Breathe?”

  1. I love your Hawaii photos! Never been to the big island but loved Maui and can’t wait to go back to see more! How blessed you are to be able to visit frequently! Keep writing when you can, your words are poetically peaceful.

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