I have completed two mystery novels that feature my tenacious PI Kelly Pruett who just inherited her father’s agency. The first is Derailed, which was a winner in Pitch Wars 2016. I was honored and privileged to be mentored by two phenomenal mystery authors Kellye Garrett and Sarah Henning on that book. The other is Denied.

I have also recently completed a psychological thriller featuring small town Sheriff Jax Turner. On the verge of suicide, he is desperate for redemption and may find it in his attempt to bring a young girl who was abducted home. The book deals with co-dependence of a brother, an issue I know something about, and touches on a tragedy that occurred in my own home town when two girls went walking out on a rural road.

My short story, Sabotage, was published in Woman’s World magazine.

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In addition, I’ll be sharing my journey of having picked up the proverbial pen after a 16-year hiatus and how my writing life has ignited after turning 50. You’re never too old to go after your dream.