I write mystery and suspense stories, and in particular, about the adventures of my tenacious PI Kelly Pruett who has inherited her father's agency. You can find out more about my books here

For years, I worked as a legal secretary, giving me a front row seat on the legal maneuverings that took place every day. I loved the unfolding of a case from the first documents being run to the courthouse to preparing for trial. That love is one of many reasons I gravitated to writing mystery and suspense.

And yes, I’m that person that actually gets excited when called for jury duty.

The legal system is an incredible lens by which to see what makes people tick. This is what I infused into my novels, along with characters striving to overcome significant odds to find meaning and purpose in this crazy world. I mean, aren’t we all?


I've been writing since I was in my thirties, but when I celebrated my 50th birthday not so long ago, that was a pivot point. It’s when I realized it was time to double down. That’s where this part of my story begins with my latest novels.

When I’m not writing, I’m enjoying time in our Hawaii home with my husband of 29 years, or back at home in Washington with the rest of the family including our two fur-kids, cooking up a gourmet meal, golfing, playing with one or all of our ten grandchildren, strumming a tune on my ukulele, or fiddling on the piano that I’ve played since childhood. And loving life. What a wonderful and mysterious ride.

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